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Small enough to know you - big enough to serve you

Design for production is our goal. Extensive knowledge of different manufacturing processes dictates our design approach. The result is the economical and suitable for manufacturing products.

By using different and innovative technologies and materials, we strive to achieve elegant solutions to issues of design and manufacturing. Depending on current or future estimated production volume of the developed product, we tailor our design accordingly, implementing casting, molding, stamping, laser cutting processes as well as conventional CNC and other machining techniques.

One of the most critical stages of design is the creation of a correct 3D solid model of the future product. Checking product for fit and function with a solid model before production of a prototype can drastically reduce costs. If required, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be performed at this stage, predicting and eliminating possible future failures.

We realize that your product must look attractive to your customer. Thorough consideration to aesthetics and visual industrial design place your product in the most favorable market position.
We also have a vast knowledge of currently available finishes that we recommend for different materials.

In all instances we keep your information private. Your information will not be shared, sold, given or exchanged with any person, agency or company without your consent.