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Samples of completed projects

Engineering and design of a slit valve for leading manufacturing company in solar panel production equipment.

Slit valve is located between transfer and process chambers and has an opening of 2400mm wide by 200mm tall. Design of the valve use "over the center" locking principle and is capable of sealing against atmospheric pressure. Total load on the gate is in excess of 27,000 lbs. Closing of the gate is achieved in less then 4 seconds. Due to high loads and space constraints intensive FEA was performed throughout all stages of the design process.

Development, design and manufacturing of Dual XYZ Robotic System for testing sensor pads (touch pads) by simulating simultaneous movements of two fingers.

  • All stages were equipped with encoders to provide complete closed loop control as well as feedback of fingers gram load on sensor pad.

  • Different finger configurations were used with automatic finger change during operation.

Design and manufacturing of End Effector for pickup and loading into trays multiple diode strips for solar panel production.

Concept and design of voltage measuring system at high temperatures (850˚C) during testing of stacks of fuel cells.

Concept development, design and production of mechanism for winding automatic watches (

Concept development, design and production of robotic system for automated sample analysis by atmospheric pressure Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry. The system was fully automated and movements of all mechanisms and drives were controlled by a data preliminary inputted to a central processing unit.

Concept development and design of Magnamosis Device for Gastroenterology Department of UCSF.

Concept development and design of temperature control unit based on Peltier thermoelectric elements for wafer processing equipment. Product was developed from prototype to full production.

Design of Vaginal Speculum with Adjustable Blades.

  • Interaction with physicians, testing, data collection.

  • Optimizing product for functionality and manufacturability (plastic injection molding).

  • Reference US patent number 6,379,299.

Design of Vibratory Treatment Apparatus for treating internal muscle and connective tissue disorders. Reference US patent number 4,911,149.

Design, manufacturing and testing of high precision hard disk certifier system (Komag)

Design and manufacturing of assembly supporting equipment for Applied Materials CMP system. Multiple lifting devices, installation and adjusting fixtures, etc.

Design and manufacturing of special electronic rack with temperature control for semiconductor system