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US patents assigned to our customers

5,791,850 Vacuum compatible fastener and fastening system
4,938,255 Sealer for vacuum containers
4,893,980 Device for moving objects within a sealed chamber
4,891,516 Device for axially and angularly positioning a beam or the like in a sealed chamber
4,885,947 Mechanism for feedthrough of rotary motion to a sealed chamber
4,797,053 Manipulator for vacuum applications
4,781,520 Polar-coordinate manipulator for vacuum application
4,779,649 Gate valve with camming wedge, pressure equalizer, and replaceable bleeder valve
4,768,911 Device for moving objects within and between sealed chambers
4,683,763 Rotary motion feed-through apparatus
4,629,219 Adjustable connector unit
4,621,790 Butterfly valve
6,379,299 Vaginal speculum with adjustable blades
6,369,436 Semiconductor wavelength demultiplexer